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Two connectors

Two connectors

Electric Circuit fast-charge stations offer two types of connector:

  • CCS Combo 
  • CHAdeMO

Each of these is suited to different EV models. The CHAdeMO connector can only be used by the models below: 

  • Nissan LEAF
  • Mitsuibishi i-MIEV and Outlander
  • Kia Soul and Niro (early versions only) 

Until 2021, Tesla sold an adaptor that let Tesla cars use the CHAdeMO connector. 
All other EVs use the CCS Combo.
Note that while a station may have the two connectors, both cannot be used at once. Fast-charge stations allow only one vehicle to charge at a time, so only one connector can be in use at any given time.

Front view of the two connectors: left, CCS combo and right, CHAdeMO