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350 kW fast-charge station

350 kW fast-charge station


Cost of Charging

How long does charging usually take?

  • 20 to 30 minutes.

Where can I find this type of charging?

  • Along main roads.

When would I use this type of charging?

  • When you’re on the road, during stops before you reach your final destination.
  • To top up your battery when you’re on the go.

To have access to a charging station in a parking facility that charges fees, parking fees must be paid as they are not included in the charging cost.

WARNING: A $5 fee will be charged to your Electric Circuit account for all requests to activate a charging station through the CAA-Québec help line. This will be in addition to the cost of your charge. To avoid this fee, we’d like to remind you that the mobile app or your Electric Circuit card are always available when you need them.

Stations and pricing

All plug-in electric vehicle models available in North America are equipped with a socket that is compatible with level 2 charging stations. Only all-electric vehicles with a CHAdeMO or Combo socket can be charged at 350 kW fast-charge station. The Charging options table summarizes the types of charging available for each model of EV sold in Canada.