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Test benches

Testing fast-charge stations 

From time to time, the Electric Circuit sets up a test bench. These are in different locations, sometimes even in very remote areas. Test benches are fitted with charging stations that provide power at levels of 50 kW or higher.

Test benches make it possible to try out next-gen technologies, including assessing their viability for both the Electric Circuit and the Québec climate. They also yield vital information about how charging stations are used. The data collected help the Electric Circuit determine the best solutions to look toward for charging both passenger cars and heavy vehicles.

All EVs equipped with fast-charge connectors are compatible with the charging stations used in test benches.

Complexe sportif Guimond in Laval – 50-kW standalone stations

This test bench will feature the very first prototype of a fully autonomous fast-charge station. Developed with Québec start-up Yultek, it makes it possible to envision being able to charge in areas that are unconnected to the Hydro-Québec power grid.

The solar panels on the container, while numerous, generate a maximum of 15 kW , which is insufficient to directly power a 50-kW station. The system therefore employs used EV batteries to stock solar energy and make it possible to charge at 50 kW.

While the test bench uses solar energy, the system is designed to operate using different power sources concurrently. This means that on overcast days, solar power generation could be combined with a connection to the single-phase system. Standalone stations could also be powered by microturbines, wind turbines or even a generator in the event of an emergency.

In partnership with the City of Laval, the prototype is being tested for one year at Complexe sportif Guimond. If the results are promising, the system will be moved to its final destination on Highway 389, where it will make it easier to get to Fermont by EV.

Charging at this prototype station is free; however, the duration of the charging session may be limited based on availability and system status. To start a charging session, just hit the Start button. Note that there is a short wait (three minutes or more) before the station is ready to charge.

Your comments are important to us
A few technical issues may still need to be addressed before this type of charging station can be made available in remote areas. Should an issue arise, charge your vehicle at one of the two charging stations in front of the arena. While you wait to finish charging, use the Electric Circuit app to send us your comments, photos or feedback along with a description of the technical issue you experienced.