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Tips from the pros

Incorrect placement of curbside charging station connectors

When you charge your vehicle at a curbside charging station, it’s very important to make sure that the connector in the charging station you are about to use is the correct one. A connector may not have been returned to the correct position following a previous charging session. To ensure that the connector is attached to the correct charging station, we recommend that you follow the cable from the casing on the charging station to the connector.

In the event that the connectors on the two charging stations are incorrectly placed: 

  • If you notice this before starting your charging session, you can simply initiate a charging session on both charging stations in order to open the doors. You can then return the connectors to their respective charging stations and close the doors on both charging stations to end the charging sessions. Finally, wait a few seconds to allow the charging stations to reset before initiating a charging session with the charging station of your choice and the correct connector.
  • If you notice this at the end of your charging session—because you’re paying for the charging session of someone else’s vehicle—please call technical support at the number on the charging station and ask the agent to end the charging session remotely.

In short, when you end a charging session at a curbside charging station, please be sure to return the connector to the corresponding charging station. This will prevent other members from having to deal with this issue.