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Municipalities, institutions and businesses: join the Electric Circuit, the largest public charging network for electric vehicles in Canada.
The Electric Circuit is continuing to expand its charging station network throughout Québec. You can join the leaders in your field by offering your customers electric vehicle charging.


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Advantages of being an Electric Circuit partner:

By becoming an Electric Circuit partner, you are taking part in the electrification of ground transportation in Quebec and the reduction of vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. You will also benefit from increased visibility during Electric Circuit events and activities. Above all, you will attract customers who want to take advantage of our many services:
• the most robust network in Québec, with hundreds of charging stations.
• simple, effective pricing.
• an integrated system with a card and mobile application that provide access to all Electric Circuit, FLO and eCharge Network charging stations.
• a Web site where users can find general information on the network, as well as a personalized, secure customer space (My account) where they can order and charge one or more Electric Circuit cards.
• a 24/7 telephone help line run by CAA-Québec.
You will also have access to a site reserved for partners, where you can view usage statistics for your charging stations.

What does being an Electric Circuit partner involve?

To become an Electric Circuit partner, there are three types of charging stations to choose from:
• Level 2 Charging StationYou pay the entire cost of the purchase and installation of these very affordable charging stations, and receive the income they generate.
Affiliated charging stations

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• Fast-Charge Station

The cost of purchasing and installing this type of charging station is now assumed entirely by Hydro-Québec. However, you can participate to the deployment by allocating a piece of land and this will bring new customers to your business.