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Travel anywhere in North America with the Electric Circuit


Our members can drive where they please in North America.

Travelling in Canada and the United States? A membership and a single app are all you need to charge your electric vehicle. Thanks to our seven partner networks, you can now access 100,000 charging stations across the continent. And that’s just for starters!

To cover service costs, roaming charges will be factored into your bill (in Canadian or American dollars, depending on where you charge).

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Travel worry-free thanks to our partner networks




Just one app to plan your travel

  • Create a personalized route based on your EV’s charging profile
  • Quickly locate the nearest charging stations operated by a partner network anywhere in North America
  • Check the availability of partner stations on your intended route
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Things to know before you go

How much will it cost to charge at a partner-operated station?

Charging costs will vary based on the network in question and the type of charging station used. To see the rates, simply select the station in question.Roaming fees will also be factored into your bill. These amount to $0.75 per charge for a standard charge and $1.25 per charge for a quick charge. Roaming fees will be billed in Canadian or US dollars, depending on where the station is located. No roaming fees will be applied to stations where charging is free.

How do I start my charge at a partner-operated station?

You can charge at any station operated by a partner using the Electric Circuit mobile app. Just remember to download the app before you head off: you’ll find it invaluable!

How many stations are operated by Electric Circuit partners in North America?

Together, the Electric Circuit and its partner networks operate over 100,000 charging stations. To locate them, go to “Find a charging station” on our website or in the app.