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Tips from the pros


Many of you have been asking when the Electric Circuit will start rolling out fast-charge stations compatible with the North American Charging Standard (NACS, the Tesla charging standard). You also want to know if we’ll be moving away from CHAdeMO connectors. 

Here are the answers to your questions!
We’re currently in discussions with our suppliers about adding charging stations with NACS connectors to the network as soon as they’re available.
In addition, the Electric Circuit will remain true to its mission to offer universal access to meet the charging needs of all EV drivers. With that in mind: 

  • Stations with CHAdeMo connectors will be installed at new charging points where there are no other CHAdeMo charging stations nearby.
  • NACS stations will be installed primarily at charging points where there are no superchargers nearby.
  • There are no plans to replace the CHAdeMo connectors at existing charging stations. 

If you have any other questions about the NACS and the Electric Circuit charging stations, please write to us using the form in the Contact Us section.