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Mobile app


The Circuit, in your own pocket!
Start a charging session on a station, follow its progress remotely, get email notifications and much more!

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Update to the latest version of the mobile application to take full advantage of its features:

• To find out how to update your mobile application, refer to your application store (Apple Store, Google Play store), then search for the Electric Circuit mobile application and press the "Update" button.


Several advantages await you:

• Customization according to your vehicle

• Automatic transfer of funds into your account

• Find nearby charging stations

• Trip planner based on EV model

• Receive a notification when a charging station becomes available

• Remotely monitor charging and receive a notification when desired charge level is reached

• Report a problem and send comments on a location

• Cost and charging history

With the Electric Circuit mobile application, you can also :

• Display the time elapsed since the start of a charge by clicking on a level-2 station in use.

• View the battery charge percentage (SOC) of a vehicle connected to a fast-charge station.

• Access elevation data to predict your vehicle’s energy use during your journey.

• Easily plan your trips by tapping on the steering wheel icon at the bottom of the screen.

• Plan and calculate trips, including several stops along the way. 

• View routes and select the one that’s best for you.

• View your last trip.

• Use voice navigation to get step-by-step driving directions.

• Set round-trip routes by entering your departure and arrival points.

• Estimate your arrival including charging time.

• Find stations and start your charging with Apple CarPlay.

• Filter by power.

• Buy charging credits as a gift for another member of the Electric circuit.

• Communicate directly with one of our agents using the chat option in the search bar.

NEW ! Use our widgets to locate nearby charging stations in real time, with just one click.

NEW ! .Follow your vehicle's charging status in real time, even on a locked screen, thanks to Live Activity (available on iPhone 11 and newer models).

To find out more about our features, see our Frequently Asked Questions.