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Promotional offers | Electric Circuit

A new way to combine utility with pleasure!


Offres exclusives du Circuit électrique

Why not grab a coffee while your vehicle is charging? Or plan a meal around your charging session?

Open your Electric Circuit app and see if some local merchants have something to offer you!

Exclusive offers for our members

The Electric Circuit wants to do more for its members while encouraging Québec businesses. That’s why we’re partnering with merchants across Québec to offer you discounts, exclusive products or packages and even rewards—for our members only.

Concentrated around charging sites, these offers are designed to give you something to do while you charge your vehicle. When planning your trips, you can even see which offers are available on your route and adjust your itinerary so you can benefit from the ones that interest you!

Different types of offers are available:

  • An instant percentage rebate when you buy a coffee or a treat 
  • A free item when you make a minimum purchase
  • A special offer such as a package or a combo 

A pilot project to find out what you think

This new program is being launched as a pilot project with Couche-Tard and Super Soir. Additional partners will gradually be added to the program. You don’t have to do anything to participate, other than view the offers in the Electric Circuit app and use the ones you like—no registration necessary! All our members are potential testers. 


How to participate

The offers can be displayed in different ways: 

  • A notification on your mobile device’s home screen
  • A flag or a purple dot on the map in the application
  • A “nearby offers” section in the app when you view a charging station or a charging site
  • A message in the app’s new inbox

Participate your way …

There are also many ways to choose an offer based on your user profile …



You stop at one of your usual charging stations to charge your vehicle. When you view the charging station in your app, you see an offer in a nearby business. Once you start your charging session, you click on Use this offer. A barcode or an image is displayed. Simply present the image or the barcode to the merchant to use the offer. 


You stop at a charging location that you don’t often go to and start charging your vehicle with your Electric Circuit card. You receive an alert* telling you about nearby offers. You look at the different offers and choose the one you like by clicking on Use this offer. A barcode or an image is displayed. Simply present the image or the barcode to the merchant to use the offer.

* Only if you have already agreed to receive alerts. 


Before you begin your trip, you launch the trip planner. The proposed route includes a stop at a location where various offers are available. You notice that another charging site has an even more interesting offer, so you modify your trip accordingly. When you get to the charging station, you plug in your car, select the offer you want and click on Use this offer. A barcode or an image is displayed. Simply present the image or the barcode to the merchant to use the offer.

Limited duration once activated

Regardless of how or when you use an offer, keep your eye on the time because once you click on Use this offer, it is available for a limited time only. 

Your comments are important to us

All your comments about the program will be appreciated—in the Electric Circuit app, use the Submit comments function to tell us what you think. We will read all your comments closely, so don’t be surprised if the offers change during the pilot project based on your feedback.


Not interested?

You always have the option of hiding the offers in your profile or deactivating the alerts. Our goal is to offer you the best possible experience based on your preferences so we will respect your choices!



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