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Tips from the pros

Protecting the network – It’s a collective responsibility!

Protecting the network – It’s a collective responsibility!

With over 140,000 electric vehicles on Québec roads, it’s important that we all protect our public charging network.

  • After a charging session, please return the connector to the charging station and wrap the cable around the cable holder. Do not leave the connector on the ground.
  • For level-2 charging stations, close the cover once you’ve finished charging your vehicle.
  • For level-2 curbside charging stations, the retraction system can at times seem damaged. Simply pull gently on the cable to help it retract.
  • For level-2 double stations, when both connectors are being used simultaneously, be sure to return the connector to the correct charging station.
  • For ABB fast-charge stations, don’t use the emergency stop button to end a charging session unless it’s an emergency. Instead, use the Stop button on the touch screen.
  • Don’t write anything on the charging stations.
  • Avoid leaving garbage near the charging station or the parking spot. Instead, use the garbage cans located near the charging point.

Charging stations are public property. That means it’s our job to take care of them so that the EV drivers that use them after us can take full advantage of them.

If a charging station is damaged, please report it to the Electric Circuit by selecting the Report a problem option in the charging station details available in the Electric Circuit mobile app.