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Trip planner

The best route for your charging needs

Electric Circuit’s exclusive trip planner!

Included in the Electric Circuit mobile app, the trip planner was designed for all-electric vehicle drivers in Québec. This new tool takes into account Québec’s topography and weather, which both directly impact your vehicle’s range. It also uses artificial intelligence to improve its forecasts, analyzing real, anonymized data from all the charges carried out across our network. Besides the features listed above, the trip planner calculates a reliable and personalized itinerary for you, based on multiple variables:

  • Departure and arrival points 
  • Time of departure and arrival 
  • Battery charge level at departure and desired charge level at end of trip
  • Charging station availability along the way, based on how busy the sites are
  • Charge characteristics of your type of vehicle
  • Weight carried or towed (based on driver’s estimate of additional weight or using such options as luggage rack, bike rack, etc.)
  • Route elevation profile
  • Battery temperature 
  • Weather parameters at time of departure (temperature, wind speed, road wetness)
  • Type of tires on vehicle
  • Safety margin (in km) 
  • Your speed adjustment based on the speed limit 
  • Your use of heating/air conditioning 

The main features of the trip planner : 

  • Personalized itinerary basedon your vehicle’s charging profile. For example, if your vehicle can connect to fast-charge stations (over 50 kW), the planner will prioritize an itinerary using only 100-kW stations or over.
  • Option to display itineraries that take you to your favorite charging sites.
  • Option to include several stops in your trip.
  • Takes into account the busyness of charging sites according to time of day (in addition to day of the week), estimated based on your departure time.
  • Shows estimated cost of charging.
  • Displays useful information about charging station sites, like whether they can be used by vehicles with trailers and whether they have washrooms.
  • Selection of departure date.
  • Option to select a nearby charging site.
  • Weather at departure location and destination.
  • Digital co-pilot: real-time assistance on a dashboard.
  • Integrated voice-guided navigation.
  • Seamless interoperability with participating North American charging stations.
  • Personalized stops (restaurant, toilets, space for trailer, etc.).
  • Luggage rack/bike rack options.
  • Web option on the member portal.

Coming soon:

•    Automatic real-time recalibration after each charging session or when modifying route
•    Alternate route suggestions based on real-time charging station status 


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