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Survey 2021

Highlights and General Observations for 2021

Number of users and charging habits 

The Electric Circuit community keeps growing. Once again this year, we noted an increase in the number of fully electric vehicle owners, which means that more and more drivers are using the Electric Circuit’s level 2 and fast-charge stations. Case in point: there were over one million charging sessions in 2021.

Payment and charging tools 

To find a charging station, you used the mobile app. More often than not, you used your card to start the session. Those of you who took advantage of promotional offers found that they improved the charging experience. The trip planner remains as popular as ever, and we’ll keep improving it in 2022.

Electric Circuit charging stations

Overall, you’re satisfied with the reliability of our charging stations and would like a massive roll-out and even quicker expansion of the Electric Circuit, which currently has over 3,400 charging stations, including 600 fast-charge stations.

Suggestions and comments

You flagged a lot of locations where you’d like to see Electric Circuit charging stations. We’re studying your proposals, and some of the 160 fast-charge stations we plan on installing in 2022 may just find their way to the places you suggested. You also brought up the Electric Circuit’s interoperability with other networks. Now that we’ve established a partnership with ChargePoint, we’re looking into other collaborations. As for the addition of more powerful charging stations, we’re determining whether 100-kW+ stations could be installed.

Thank you!

We want to thank all the members who took the time to fill out our survey this year. We truly appreciate all your comments. In 2022, we’re taking the Electric Circuit even further, so stay tuned!

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