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Nissan - Leaf

Charging curves

1. At optimum battery temperature, charging power can reach 72kW at up to 25% charge level; then the power gradually decreases to reach about 56 kW at 60% load, 
then 28 kW at about 90%.
2. If the battery temperature is too low, the charging curve will be shifted and will not reach the optimal curve.

1. Make the most of the 100kW charging station by arriving at it with the battery as hot as possible (warm-up, long drive).
2. Stop charging around 60% if possible with a 100 kW station.
3. Using a 100kW charging station is quite beneficial for this car when the battery temperature is optimal. If the charge level does not exceed 50%, 
the charging time is 30% less than with a 50 kW charging station.
4. If you charge several times during the same journey in winter, the battery temperature will be optimal from the second charge 
(if there is no break between the two charges).


1. Charging power is very sensitive to battery temperature and depends on the capacity (in kilowatt hours) of the battery.
2. The curves represent the maximum charging power that the vehicle can reach when the battery temperature is optimal. 
The charging power reaches nearly 45 kW when the battery temperature is optimal.
3. From 50% battery level, the power gradually decreases.
1. Prefer 50 kW stations.
2. In winter, in order to take advantage of the optimal winter charging curve, go to the charging station with a battery as warm as possible: 
preheat the battery before setting off or drive as long as possible to reach a thick headed.
3. Stop charging if possible before reaching an 80% charge level.