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Hyundai – Kona


Removing a jammed gun

Charging curve


1. Charging power is very sensitive to battery temperature and is stepped.
2. At the optimum battery temperature, the power can reach about 77kW
3. Since the battery heater increases the temperature of the latter by 1°C per two minutes, it is common that the optimal level is never reached in winter, 
the battery not having time to warm up sufficiently.
4. When the charge level reaches approximately 55% the power drops to 55 kW at the optimum battery temperature.
5. From approximately 73% battery level, the power drops to a maximum of 25 kW for a battery level above 79%


1. Make the most of the 100 kW charging station by arriving at this charging station with the battery as hot as possible (preheating, long journey).
2. Stop charging if possible before reaching a 73% charge level.
3. The use of a 100 kW charging station is quite advantageous for this car in the winter period if the battery temperature is optimal. If the charge level does not exceed 70%, 
the charging time is 20% to 30% less than with a 50 kW charging station.
4. If it is very cold, the 100 kW charging station may bring little benefit.