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Chevrolet – Spark


Removing the jammed connector: unlock the doors several times.

Charging curves

1. Charging powers are sensitive to outside temperature.
2. The power varies between 42 and 48 kW up to a 75% load level, from which the power decreases linearly to 20 kW at 95% load.
3. Note that for temperatures below minus 10 degrees and if the car has been left outside overnight, charging may be limited to 15kW.

1. Give preference to 50 kW stations. Charging on 100 kW stations is possible but not recommended.
2. In winter, in order to take advantage of the optimal winter charging curve, go to the charging station with a battery as warm as possible: 
preheat the battery before setting off or drive as long as possible to reach a thick headed.
3. Stop charging if possible before reaching 75% charge level.