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Cost of charging

The cost of using an Electric Circuit charging station depends mainly on the type of station:

In accordance with Québec provincial regulations, fast-charge rates are indexed at the start of every year.

Prices are set to support expansion of the charging network, improve price equity and facilitate access to charging in public places.


Level 2 charging stations

Level 2 charging stations (or 7-kW standard stations) are part of the Electric Circuit network but do not belong to Hydro-Québec. The charging rate at these stations is determined by the station owners based on predefined criteria. It can therefore vary from one charging station to another. The rate is clearly indicated on the charging station screen and can also be viewed by displaying the charging station on the online interactive map or in the Electric Circuit mobile app

Although the rates are determined by the station owners, they must adhere to a grid provided by the Electric Circuit, which is designed to help standardize rates. 

There are several advantages to the new pricing structure:
•    A larger partner network and therefore accelerated growth in the Electric Circuit’s fleet of public charging stations
•    Ready access to public charging
•    Reliable and continued service throughout the network
•    Optimized flexibility—the rates at some charging stations may decrease significantly, even to the point of being free
•    Competitive charging rates, with kilowatts remaining more affordable than gas

Which parameters will charging station owners be required to follow?

Electric Circuit partners will be able to modify the rates at their charging stations on June 1 and December 1 of each year.
The new rates can be determined according to two possibilities: 
•    An hourly fee (between $0 and $3), or 
•    A flat fee per charging session (between $0 and $10), regardless of charging time 

24-kW fast-charge stations

Charging at a 24-kW fast-charge station is offered at $7.53 an hour.

These stations are suitable for one- or two-hour charging at locations like cinemas and shopping malls, as well as at places (e.g., certain tourist sites) where the power system does not permit the installation of more powerful charging stations.

50-kW fast-charge stations

In Québec, charging at a 50-kW fast-charge stations is offered at a fixed price of $12.77 an hour, billed by the second.

However, since charging beyond 90% capacity at a fast-charge station is very slow for most vehicle models, the price goes up after the battery hits 90% charge.

Charging at a 50-kW fast-charge station is thus billed as follows:

Below 90% charge 90% charge or above
$12.77/h $25.52/h

The increase in price after 90% charge means stations can be made available more rapidly for other users instead of being monopolized to fully charge vehicles.

In Ontario, fast-charging is offered at $17.44 per hour (taxes included) and is billed by the second.

100-kW fast-charge stations 

Pricing is tiered at 100-kW fast-charge stations.

Prices are calculated based on the amount of power the station delivers to your battery, and this varies over the course of charging, increasing slightly at the start of charging and then dropping fairly rapidly once a certain charge level is reached.

In addition, since charging is very slow for most vehicle models once the battery charge reaches 90%, the price for the lowest power tier doubles starting at 90% charge.

Pricing at a 100-kW fast-charge station (billed by the second):

Power delivered by station Below 90% charge 90% charge or above
0 to less than 50 kW $15.73/h $31.45/h
50 kW to less than 60 kW $19.95/h  
60 kW to less than 70 kW $24.18/h  
70 kW to less than 80 kW $28.41/h  
80 kW to less than 90 kW $32.64/h  
90 kW  to less than 100 kW $36.87h  

Tiered pricing and an increased price for Tier 0 to less than 50 kW starting at 90% charge offers the following advantages:

  • Better match between price paid and energy supplied to the battery of the electric vehicle
  • More equitable pricing for drivers of different types of electric vehicles
  • More efficient charging
  • Better management of line-ups and usage at charging stations

100-kW+ fast-charge stations

Pricing at a 100-kW+ fast charge station is the same as for Tier 90 kW to 100 kW at a 100-kW fast charge station, that is, $36.87/hour, billed by the second and regardless of the state of charge of the battery.

These prices will remain in effect until the bench testing is completed and will be reviewed/revised when these stations are permanently integrated into the charging station network.

Examples of charging at a 100-kW charging station:

Breakdown of charging cost

For charging from 10% to 90%:

  • Tier 1: 37 min @ $28.41 = $17.52
  • Tier 2: 6 min @ $24.18 = $2.42
  • Tier 3: 9 min @ $19.95 = $2.99
  • Tier 4: 5 min @ $15.73= $1.31

Cost of charging from 10% to 90% (65 kWh): $17.52 + $2.42 + $2.99 + $1.31 = $24.24

For charging to 100%:

  • Tier 4 (increased price): 11 min @ $31.45 = $5.77

Cost of charging from 10% to 100% (82 kWh): $24.24 + $5.77 = $30.01

Breakdown of charging cost

For charging from 10% to 90%:

  • Tier 1: 68 min @ $19.95 = $22.62
  • Tier 2: 6 min @ $15.73 = $1.57

Cost of charging from 10% to 90% (65 kWh): $22.62 + $1.57= $24.19 

For charging to 100%:

  • Tier 4 (increased price): 11 min @ $31.45 = $5.77

Cost of charging from 10% to 100% (82 kWh): $24.18 + $5.77 = $30.01

To see which price applies at a particular station, consult the Electric Circuit mobile app or the Find a station section of the Electric Circuit website.

For access to a charging station in a paid parking facility, you must pay the usual parking fees as they are not included in the charging cost.

NOTE: A $5 fee (taxes included) will be charged to your Electric Circuit account for all requests to activate a charging station through the CAA-Québec help line. This will be in addition to the cost of your charge. To avoid this fee, you can always use the mobile app or your Electric Circuit card.

NOTE: If you use an Electric Circuit charging station from an account with a partner network (with the exception of the Flo network), roaming fees will be added to the cost of the charge. The roaming fee is $0.75 for a standard charge and $1.25 for a fast charge, taxes included.

NOTE: Charging is billed by the second, and all prices include taxes. 
The bill is calculated based on the total time connected to the station.

Did you know ?

  • Prices at the Electric Circuit’s 50-kW charging stations are among the lowest in the world.
  • All 100-kW charging stations have at least one 50-kW charging point nearby, so you can choose what works best for you. 
  • All charging stations combined, charging at public charging stations accounts for an average 10% of the annual charging of an electric vehicle.
  • Charging at fast-charge stations accounts for less than 3% of the annual charging of an electric vehicle.
  • To make it easy to quickly understand your charging costs, your bill shows the prices for the different power tiers and the charging time at each tier.
  • Charging speed at a fast-charge station drops when the battery reaches 80% capacity.
    • This means that if you are taking a long trip, it’s best to plan an additional charging stop so charging will take less time and cost less and you won’t monopolize a charging point other electric vehicle users might want to use.  
  • Level 2 charging stations make up close to 80% of the Electric Circuit network thanks to the participation and cooperation of all our partners who own the stations.