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Survey 2020

Highlights and general observations

User profiles and charging habits

The Electric Circuit saw a significant rise in membership in 2020. What’s more, a greater number of members were owners of all-electric vehicles. Together, these findings show that more and more EV drivers are trusting the reliability of the Electric Circuit’s charging stations. Another significant finding concerned charging at home, with an increase to the number of at-home charging stations.

Payment and charging options

Rolled out in June 2020, Electric Circuit’s revamped mobile app was a definite hit with users, who loved its new and enhanced features like the charging station locator or charge session activator. Another popular feature was the new trip planner, which lets motorists optimize routes and charging times. A number of users also pointed out the Electric Circuit card, calling it the perfect complement to the app.

Electric Circuit charging stations

The limits to travel imposed by the pandemic in 2020 had a considerable impact on the use of Electric Circuit fast-charge stations. However, the recognition of electric vehicle charging as an essential service meant we could ensure our members uninterrupted and reliable service. We also installed 153 new direct-current fast charge (DCFC) stations in 2020, bringing our total to 450.

Comments and suggestions

Respondents had a number of practical suggestions about charging stations, like installing them closer to services (shops/restaurants) and adding more fast-charge and level-2 stations. We also received some great ideas on improving the mobile app, including integrating Android Auto and enhancing the current integration with Apple CarPlay.


We’d like to thank all our members who took part in the survey, particularly those who gave us a thumbs-up: your approval means a lot to us! The Electric Circuit is always open to member feedback, and even more enhancements have been planned for 2021. Stay tuned!

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