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Heavy vehicles

Pilot project – Public charging network for medium- and heavy-duty trucks

The Electric Circuit is creating Québec’s first public charging network for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles. 

We have launched this pilot project to identify key elements for the successful rollout of public charging stations for electric trucks. The initiative will help us gain a better understanding of heavy vehicle charging patterns so that we can develop an offer that is in line with their specific requirements.

To sign up for the pilot project, write to us at

Good news, a charging station for heavy-duty vehicles in Lanaudière!

There is a new charging station in the industrial area of L’Assomption. It is a strategic location for charging heavy-duty vehicles given that it is next to Autoroute 40. It is equipped with a 180-kW charging station with two SAE Combo connectors. 

Laval has a 350-kW transit station

The first charging station installed as part of this pilot project is located on Rue Cunard in Laval. It is an ideal location, since its configuration facilitates access for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with trailers, with parking on either side of the two charging stations on site. The stations have a combined charging capacity of up to 350 kW with SAE Combo and CHAdeMO connectors. 

To meet the charging needs of medium- and heavy-duty truck users while they’re on the road, we are currently evaluating other locations to add new charging stations by 2024. Our goal is to provide dedicated stations for the safe charging of electric trucks that take into account their turning radius and trailer length. 

To sign up for the pilot project, write to us at

Frequently asked questions

Where will the next medium- and heavy-duty truck charging stations be located?

We are in discussions with several partners to determine ideal locations at which a maximum number of medium- and heavy-duty trucks could charge while they’re on the road.

What is the charging cost at the stations?

For the moment, the cost to charge medium- and heavy-duty trucks is the same for all the 100 kW+ stations in the Electric Circuit. Go to the Cost of charging page for more information. 

Will it be possible to charge medium- and heavy-duty trucks at Electric Circuit charging stations for light vehicles? 

Yes, if the layout of the charging site permits. 

When can I start going to the station to charge my medium- or heavy-duty truck?

The station on Rue Cunard is currently open to drivers who sign up for the pilot project by writing to Registered partners will receive more information as new stations are added to the network, and will be given access to the terminals reserved for heavy-duty vehicles.