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Effect of COVID on the number of recharges at Electric circuit stations

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on our activities. Fortunately, electric vehicle charging services were classified as essential, which enabled us to provide our customers with continued service. However, we had to temporarily halt the deployment of charging stations in March and April.

The graph below shows the number of charging sessions per month over the past two years at all Electric Circuit charging stations.

Source: Electric Circuit

Before the pandemic, there were an average of 73,000 charging sessions per month, with a peak of 80,000 sessions over the vacation period. As seen in the graph, there was a major drop in April with only 15,000 charging sessions. 

With the gradual resumption of activities and the easing of lockdown, the number of charging sessions has increased. However, one can see that there was a lag, with 49,000 charging sessions in June 2020 versus 56,000 over the same month in 2019. However, since the beginning of July, the charging session curve has gone up again to reach a higher level than last year.

We anticipate a moderate increase in the number of charging sessions in the coming weeks. However, we must bear in mind that things may change as the pandemic evolves.
Best wishes for a wonderful summer and stay safe!