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Affiliate program

Be ready for the future of electric mobility.

With the number of electric vehicles steadily rising, more and more EV drivers expect to find charging stations in the parking lots of the stores, restaurants and businesses they patronize.
That’s why the Electric Circuit is pursuing its expansion and densification to build a modern and robust network of charging stations across Québec.

Our affiliate program facilitates the certification of charging stations supplied by affiliated distributers so that they can be integrated into the Electric Circuit network (see the list of the distributors at the bottom of the page).

Choose the type of station that interests you

Level 2 station for long-term parking (tourist sites, sports and cultural centers, etc.).
Level 2 stations deliver moderate power and are best suited to locations where people stay parked for a fair amount of time, like an office building, restaurant or hotel. The average charging session lasts 2 to 3 hours.

Fast-charge (DCFC) station for short-term parking (rest areas, gas stations, shopping centers, etc.)
Fast-charge stations deliver more power than level 2 stations, and the average charging session lasts 20 to 25 minutes. Fast-charge stations are meant to meet the needs of people who want to charge their vehicle quickly while they’re on the road or running errands. 

A business model with simplicity in mind 

Specifications     Level 2 charging stations/ Fast-charge stations
Purchase, installation and maintenance Covered by the partner (who becomes the owner of the charging stations)
Model selection Electric Circuit-certified charging stations through an affiliated distributor
Casing Partner’s corporate colors and Electric Circuit logo
Revenues     Paid to the partner
Rates Current Electric Circuit rates
Customer service Managed by the Electric Circuit

Discover our affiliated distributers

To become an affiliated partner and take advantage of the program’s benefits, contact a distributor affiliated with the Electric Circuit today: