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Volkswagen – e-Golf


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Charging curve

1. When the outdoor temperature is below −5°C, the initial charging power is low. The temperature has a strong impact on the charging of this vehicle.
2. Power ranges from 41-45kW can increase to over 40kW up to 65% load, from which power decreases to approximately 35kW at 80% load, then drops to 18kW at 95% load.

1. Prefer 50 kW stations. Charging is possible on a 100 kW station but not recommended.
2. In winter, in order to take advantage of the optimal winter charging curve, go to the charging station with a battery as warm as possible: 
preheat the battery before setting off or drive as long as possible to reach a thick headed.
3. Stop charging if possible before reaching 80% charge level.