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Certified EV Skills Service Centers

The Electric Circuit, the largest public charging network in Québec, is pleased to partner with the Conseil provincial des comités paritaires de l’industrie des services automobiles (CPCPA) for certified EV Skills Service Centers.

An increasing number of electric vehicles (EVs) now travel on our roads. In Québec, the aim is to have 1.5 million EVs by 2030. However, not every mechanic has the knowledge or equipment they need to carry out EV maintenance.

Thanks to the training provided in the EV Skills Program, garages can now be confident that they have a certified mechanic on their team. The program is also a simple way of identifying which service centers have adequately equipped and trained mechanics—something EV drivers will certainly appreciate.

How can you find a certified EV Skills Service Center?
You can search for a certified garage by using the interactive map on the Electric Circuit website. Simply click on the + to the right of the search field and activate the Show EV Skills Service Centers filter.

Click on a certified garage to view a complete information sheet containing the garage’s name, address, phone number and business hours.