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Pilot project: 25-kW charging stations in the Réserve faunique La Vérendrye

Because of the type of power supply available in the Réserve faunique La Vérendrye, the Electric Circuit was not able to install 50-kW charging stations. Instead, 25-kW charging stations were installed in early 2020. The charging stations deployed in the Réserve are the type of model that was available on the market at that time.

These two 25-kW charging stations are part of a pilot project that will enable us to collect data on this new type of charging station and its reliability.

We have noticed that the telecommunications network becomes overloaded when there are a great many cars in the reserve. This results in communication outages that cut the link between the charging stations and the management system for various lengths of times, making it impossible to start a charge at these stations.

Those charging station are now off any telecommunication network. We do not have access to the status of the charging stations, however, any communication outages won’t affect the availabilities of those stations anymore

To charge your vehicle, just plug the nozzle into your car’s outlet. No need to scan your Electric Circuit card.

Any problems with these stations, please contact the customer service at 1-855-999-8378.
We strongly recommend that you make sure your vehicle has enough charge to cross the Réserve faunique La Vérendrye.

In closing, here’s an important note for Tesla drivers. You must follow the following procedure exactly, otherwise the connection between your vehicle and the charging station will not be established correctly:
1.    First, plug the adapter into your vehicle’s socket. 
2.    Then, plug the CHAdeMO connector from the charging station into the adapter. 

Thank you for your patience during this pilot project.