The Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit is Quebec’s largest public charging network for electric vehicles and soon to be in Ontario.


April 20, 2017

The fast-charge station located at Université de Sherbrooke (CEC-00076) as well as the two neighbouring charging stations (CEB-10033and CEB-10054) will be unavailable April 29 and 30.

April 19, 2017 - UPDATE

The charging stations of l’Espace K of ExpoCité site in Quebec will be out of service until further notice due to public works. Thank you for your understanding.

March 27, 2017

The charge station located at 1400, de la Manic Street (CEA-046) in Saguenay is out of service. It will be repaired soon. Thank you for your understanding.

March 23, 2017

The charge station located at the Raymond-Lévesque library (CE-VL-001) in Longueuil is out of service. It will be repaired soon. Thank you for your understanding.

Funds in your account

WARNING: Funds on your member card are not linked with the funds on your mobile application

For technical reasons, the funds put on the card member (via the website) can not be linked to the funds put through the mobile application, even if it is the same account

Please pay attention, especially when you do your chargings on the first generation charging stations that can only be activated with the member card.

Soon in Ontario

In 2017, 12 fast-charge stations and 8 standard stations will be in service along Highways 401, 416, 417, Route 17 and in Ottawa.

Charging stations in service:
Solacity : 825 Van Buren St in Kemptville (240V and 400V)
City of Ottawa : 141 Clarence St in Ottawa (240V and 400V)

Electric Circuit mobile application

  • Start charging at a station.
  • Keep track of charging progress.
  • Receive notifications by e-mail.
  • And much more...
  • How to use the mobile app


Financial partners

Nissan Canada

Thanks to financial support from Nissan, 25 fast-charge stations will be add to the Electric Circuit by the end of 2015 and 2016.

The Electric Circuit is...
(Statistics as of March 31st 2017)

  • 809 charging stations

    including 70 fast-charge stations.

  • 12,562 members

    with access to our charging stations

  • 13,842 electric vehicles

    (as February 28th)

    including 6,189 all-electric vehicles

  • 185 partners

    offering charging

  • 34 410 charges

    in 2017

  • 1 915 tons

    of avoided CO2 emissions

  • 11 527 761 km 

    covered until now by our members

  • 798 076 liters

    of gas saved