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Kia – Soul

Charging curves


1.    Recharging powers are sensitive to the outside temperature. 
2.    On a 50 kW charging station, the power is relatively stable throughout the charging process, up to about 50%.
3.    From a battery level of 53%, the charging power builds up to a level of 35 kW. After 73%, the charging power gradually decreases. 


1.   Prefer 50 kW charging stations.
2.   Stop charging at about 85% of the charging level.


1.    When the battery is at the optimum temperature, the charging power gradually increases from 65 kW to about 68 kW until 70% charge.
2.    From 70%, power drops rapidly to 81% charge level.

1.    Make the most of the 100 kW charging station by arriving at the station with the battery as warm as possible (warm-up, long drive).
2.    Stop charging at around 80% charge level.
3.    Using a 100 kW terminal is quite advantageous for this car except in winter. If the charge level does not exceed 70%, the charging time is 20% to 30% less than with a 50 kW terminal.
4.    In winter, the benefit of a 100 kW terminal is marginal compared to a 50 kW terminal.