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Kia – Niro

Charging curve

Kia soul premium
1. The charging powers are sensitive to the outside temperature.
2. On a 50 kW station, the power increases with the temperature of the battery to reach around 43 kW, up to around 50%.
3. From a battery level of 53%, the charging power is established to reach a plateau of around 35 kW.
4. After 70%, the charging power gradually decreases.

1. Prefer 50 kW stations.
2. Stop, if possible, your recharge at approximately 70% of the recharge level.

Other Kia Soul

1. When the battery is at the optimal temperature, the charging power gradually increases and can reach 70 kWfrom 65 kW to 68 kW approximately up to 70% charge.
2. From 70%, the power drops rapidly to approximately 20 kW at an 81% load level.


1. Make the most of the 100 kW charging station by arriving at this charging station with the battery as hot as possible (preheating, long journey).
2. Stop charging at around 780% charge level.
3. The use of a 100 kW terminal is quite advantageous for this car except in winter. If the charge level does not exceed 70%, the charging time is 
20% to 30% less than with a 50 kW charging station.
4. In winter, if the battery temperature is not optimal, the benefit of a 100 kW charging station is marginal compared to a 50 kW charging station.